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We offer a full or part repair of both modern and antique furniture, also longcase and vienna wall clocks. From the straight forward repolishing to major reconstruction involving the replacement of broken or missing items.

Customer Reviews

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    27/02/2017 By Carol Barton

    I asked John to repair a treasured family table which had been badly damaged by a candle. John advised me of my options but I decided that, as it was so precious to us, I would like it to be restored to its original condition. I collected it yesterday and it is actually better than it was before the damage and I can't thank John enough. In my experience, it is unusual to find that your expectations have been exceeded.John is thoroughly professional, competent and a true craftsman. He told me how long it would take to repair and kept to his time. A gentleman and a rare find.

    15/02/2017 By Beady

    John was asked to repair a smashed Regency style dining chair, we had previously had refusals from several other repairers. He took the job and has done a simply brilliant piece of work, it really does look just like new. Highly recommended and much admired both for his professional standards and his courtesy, plus the speed with which he did the work.

    06/12/2016 By Russell Anderton

    John is a true craftsman. He carried out a flawless repair on my rosewood cabinet which involved letting in a piece of veneer and so good was the execution, you couldn't tell it had been done; a true match with such finesse. I'd recommend him to anyone requiring a first class service.

    06/09/2015 By Richard Abraham

    The work John Farrington recently carried out for me totally exceeded all my expectations. What an amazing "Old School" craftsman! I presented him with a wreck of a 1930's Art Deco cabinet with various problems including woodworm, lifted and damaged veneer, damaged frettework, and a generally worn out appearance. John never saw any problems, only solutions, and any worries I may have had that the cabinet was beyond repair were soon dismissed. John talked me through the original construction methods that were used and then explained how he would proceed with the restoration. I collected the restored cabinet yesterday and it looks marvellous. Somehow it looks "as new" whilst still retaining the soft dignity of an 82 year old piece of well loved furniture. It was also a pleasure and a privilege to talk to somebody with such a wealth of knowledge and experience in restoration. Thanks John.

    02/07/2015 By Roger Edwards

    Entrusting one's valuable antique to any professional restorer is a really serious business, one which many people will understand requires quite a bit of courage. However, when that professional restorer happens to be John Farrington, any potential reservations are totally blown away by his quiet enthusiasm for your individual project. You are irresistibly drawn into his unique world, where highest standards, impressive workmanship and vast experience guarantee that no repair or restoration project would be too difficult. John gets inside the head of the initial craftsman, understanding every nuance of his thinking throughout the creation of the original piece. This subsequently enables John to suggest with impressive authority what course of action might best be taken with a non-original, unsympathetic alteration, for example, in order to bring the piece back to its original high standard of quality workmanship. He advises and helps you decide what restoration work should or shouldn't be done to your prized item of furniture. This is exactly what he has done on my behalf with a recently purchased oak cross-banded longcase clock, the end result being a wonderful, visually unified piece, far superior in every way to that which I left with him. Needless to say, my gratitude to John is considerable.

    13/04/2015 By Andrew Dixon

    I trusted the case of my beloved and very old Grandfather clock to John for repair. The results are outstanding. John is very helpful and friendly to deal with and his extensive knowledge and experience is obvious. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services wholeheartedly. You will not be disappointed!

    01/10/2014 By Eric Hesketh

    John is a superb restorer / craftsman.He has recently restored for me, the casing of a long case clock made in 1780. What a superb job he has made of it. In addition to this he has over the years restored other items for family members, all to the same high professional standards. There is no better craftsman / restorer in this country. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any one.

    16/09/2014 By Dorothy McGreevy

    I would not hesitate in recommending John Farrington to anyone, he works to a very high standard at French Polishing. Nothing was too much trouble, he collected and delivered my treasured sideboard, returned it to it's former glory and assisted my husband in re-assembling it. It is rare these days to find a true professional who pays attention to detail in his workmanship. Many thanks.

    27/07/2014 By Sue Hounsome

    John has just repaired our dressing table which was badly damaged in our recent move. The dressing table looks as though it has never been repaired and we are thrilled with the work. John was totally professional, removed the item and re-delivered it following the repair. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

    10/11/2013 By By Stephen Lee

    John has restored our bedroom furniture, display cabinet and dining table, which belonged to my grand parents. The restoration has been completed to an excellent standard and we are delighted with the results, which has given the furniture a new look and lease of life. John is a craftsman and an extremely pleasant gentleman. We highly recommend using John.

    16/07/2014 By Tony Perrin

    Without doubt a very fine craftsman with immense pride in his work which is absolutely impeccable. He restored a much-loved Guy Rogers 2.3 meter long Rosewood Sideboard purchased new from Elders in Glasgow in 1970 which was suffering the ravages of time and the bringing up of young children. Also, apart from physical damage,all the original top veneer area was lifting and showing hairline splitting due to the sideboard being positioned in a large window area which was exposed to strong hot sunshine over many years. As a result we thought it perhaps beyond retrieve. John thought otherwise. He produced an absolutely brilliant result that has virtually brought it back to its original showroom condition. Superb! Thank you John.

    16/07/2014 By Lesley Dodgeon

    John has recently restored our antique dining furniture comprising a walnut table and four oak chairs. He has repaired and re-polished the furniture to a very high standard, paying meticulous attention to detail, and we are thoroughly delighted with the end result. We would highly recommend John and would certainly engage him again if the need arose. He is very knowledgeable and gives sound advice and it was a pleasure to deal with him.

    16/07/2013 By Steven Barrett

    It is very rare to find today in our throwaway society a true craftsman who is capable of repairing furniture to such a very high standard. John is one of those and his 30 years experience shows. Not only was it a joy to see him working on many other projects but also the high standard with which he managed to repair a complicated load bearing table upright for me was outstanding. A true gentleman as well. Highly recommended.

    16/07/2014 By A Google User

    John Farrington is a craftsman; I can think of no more fitting praise. He did an excellent job for me, modifying an oak table to a flawless standard. A highly recommended service.

    16/07/2014 By A Matthew Beatie

    I had an outstanding service from this workshop. Would highly recommend to all.

  1. All the customer reviews below were copied from postings made on

    02/12/15 By Jikr12

    American rocking chair restored

    I am delighted with John's restoration of my little rocking chair, which has been in the family for over a hundred years. He has done a great job in just under two weeks.

    23/09/15 By cowapunited

    A fine craftsman

    Mr John Farrington recently restored our teak dining table. We are absolutely delighted with the finish and would highly recommend him. He is professional and a real gentleman. We would certainly use him again.

    09/09/15 By Donna Harper

    A true craftsman but that's not all.....

    A wonderful craftsman, professional gentleman who is truly passionate about his trade..

    My husband and I have an eclectic array of furniture which we have hunter gathered over our years together, from beautiful antique beds and wardrobes, to asian antique furniture through to, heaven forbid, ultra modern next and dwell furniture, somehow it all works, we don't understand 'furniture' but we know what works and what pleases the eye (our at least our eyes). All along John Farrington has offered us great advice and great service, he is a wonderful craftsman and lovely man.

    04/06/2012 By Trudi

    A fine craftsman

    Over the years, John Farrington has restored and repaired several items of precious antique family furniture for us, most recently last week. He is sensitive to the needs of his clients, the condition and age of the furniture, and he pays great attention to detail. We have been unreservedly delighted with the care he has brought to every job he has undertaken for us, our friends have admired the enhanced beauty of the restored surfaces, and John is always punctual, polite and reliable. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who has precious or valuable items that need some tender loving care to bring out the best in them.

    04/09/2014 By dunnmoira

    We feel compelled to write a review for this remarkable craftsman, Mr John Farrington, who recently restored some pieces of furniture for us, together with a carriage clock of great sentimental value. To say we are delighted is an understatement. We would have no hesitation in recommending John for his skill, courtesy and prompt service. We are thrilled to have found him

    05/02/2015 By CJHBridge

    A true craftsman

    John Farrington recently refurbished an old and very tired desk for us including the replacement of the leather top insert. What an excellent job, still kept the period looks without looking false but now a piece of furniture to display, use and be proud of. We cannot recommend a better craftsman who is also able to share with you other interesting facts about furniture and traditional processes.

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